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    Mark Cohen
    we close deals

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    Residential and commercial loans in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

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    la moving

    Cohen Financial Group specializes in mortgage loans at aggressive rates backed by exceptional client service.

    your path to

    owning real estate

    Cohen Financial Group specializes in mortgage loans at aggressive rates backed by exceptional client service.

    need a mortgage loan in

    los angeles?

    Trust MARK COHEN - the number one mortgage broker in the US to finance your next property.

    Mark Cohen

    CEO & Founder
    Trust your loan with

    the best in
    the business

    Mark Cohen is the number one mortgage broker in the U.S., according to The Scotsman Guide, the leading benchmark for ranking in the mortgage industry.

    During his career, Mark has originated over 21,000 loans totaling more than 14 billion dollars in volume. Mark also has the distinction of being the only mortgage broker in the U.S. to reach 500 million dollars or more in loan volume on an annual basis for the past eight years.

    Cohen Financial Group
    We offer commercial
    and residential
    mortgage loans in

    Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas

    Through our strategic network of lending partners, we offer a variety of mortgage loan programs to accommodate borrowers who seek financing for residential and commercial properties.

    Our rates are aggressive, plus the assurance you are backed by a local team of experts with over 35 years of industry experience.

    We consider our clients to be
    our most valuable asset.

    The pillars in our brand mark represent Cohen Financial’s three core
    commitments to our clients.
    See the action behind our words.

    Originating loans in Southern California for over 25 years has allowed CFG to cultivate lending relationships and a level of expertise that financially benefits clients and is deeply respected by industry professionals nationwide.


    By choosing to be a boutique broker of loan products, our firm is in the best position to deliver optimal choice, aggressive rates, and personal service to every client.


    Here is what we say to challenges – “bring it on.” We work tirelessly to close all loans, and we don't walk away when a client is up against tough circumstances. Our work ethic has earned us the reputation as to go-to lender when everyone else has failed.